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~ Trixie


All the Little Boxes…

Trixiepix tea card number EIGHT: Copeland Spode "Blue Colonel" tea set on Liberty of London bright paisley fabric {photo by Trixie}
Trixiepix tea card number EIGHT: Copeland Spode “Blue Colonel” tea set on Liberty of London bright paisley fabric {photo by Trixie}

Hello my dears, it has been a while since I posted. Dustin and I have been packing up the little boxes of cards for our Kickstarter sponsors and sending the parcels out to the world of card mavens. What fun! We also participated in a very nice event in Santa Rosa last weekend — our first Trixiepix adventure since these new cards arrived! — and it was a quiet but supremely friendly day spent among people and trees and flowers and lots of educational goings-on. When I wasn’t talking about the cards or hearing amazing stories from booth visitors, I walked around taking pictures of flora and fauna and, who knows? one or more of those pix may one day turn into cards.

On Mother’s Day we shall once again pack up the putt-putt and share cards with friends elsewhere — this time, at a private concert where we are known (and, if I may say so, loved) already — so we are sure to share a bit of Trixiepix joy at that event. We shall also serve tea at the gathering — something both Dustin and I love to do — and, between the tea, the amazing Baroque and Renaissance music, the Moms, and the cards, it will certainly be a glorious afternoon.

Coming up soon are TWO dates at our home-away-from-home — the War Memorial Opera House, home of our beloved San Francisco Opera — where we shall serve gallons of tea, schmooze like the dickens, and share some Trixiepix hospitality and photography in grand style.

Requests are coming in from beautiful souls who want to purchase Trixiepix cards!! We say to them: Yay. Here is how to do it: please send an email message to trixie{at}theteadrinker{dot}com (substituting the @ and the . where those symbols go), and we shall send you PDF files showing the images and their order numbers… with prices and delivery info… and you can reply to our message with your order. We accept checks and money orders, and we can send PayPal invoices to those who like to pay online. We Ship Worldwide!

At this very moment, we do NOT have direct ordering from this site. Thank you for helping us to get started in simple, small steps :-)

In case you were wondering: the image above, the Copeland Spode tea set, is our best-selling image so far. Wowza — it is flying out the door. Truly. It is card number 8.
xoxo, Trixie

Cards are on the way! Get yer cards!

Yes, the cards they are a’comin’, and soon — we just got word that our shipment of TEA and FLOWER cards will arrive mid-April. If you are one of our esteemed Kickstarter sponsors, you are already busy choosing your cards, I know… and I thank you. The rest of humankind can look at our portfolios (via the home page of this very site: scroll to the bottom), or you can gaze upon these numbered images below…

all images (c) Ann Rosenfeld and Trixiepix.com
all images (c) Ann Rosenfeld and Trixiepix.com
all images (c) Ann Rosenfeld and Trixiepix.com
all images (c) Ann Rosenfeld and Trixiepix.com

Do you have a tea or flower-related business that sells greeting cards? I want to show you these high-quality 5×7 cards “up close and personal,” as the saying goes, and give you the scoop on wholesale rates, delivery, etc. Please get in touch! Contact info is in the pictures above (click each pic to make it huge).

Spring greetings to All :-)
xoxo, Trixie

The images have been chosen! Kickstarter Greeting Card Project rolls on toward successful completion :-)

Our Spring 2015 Kickstarter Greeting Card Project is well underway! The campaign to raise funds for a big print run of our tea and flower greeting cards (with brand-new company logo on the back!) closes in nine days… but we sent all of the image files, plus the card-back logo, to the printer TODAY! Yay! Celebrating progress and collaborative spirit this evening… THANK YOU TO ALL who joined, or will join, our project!! Without you, it wouldn’t be happening. Please view the 12 flower images and the 12 tea images in our portfolios, accessible via the HOME page of this site.

It was a challenge to choose only 12 images in each group — ha ha, everyone should have that as their biggest problem!! — and I am so grateful for the comments, suggestions, sound advice, and connections that you are bringing to this collaborative and enjoyable adventure.

If you are reading this and have a tea-related business or a flower-related business, bookstore, gift shop, garden center, or stationery business and want new and different greeting cards to sell, I would like to hear from you! We have nifty wholesale rates, professional packaging, and cheerful, skillful customer service. Cards will be available mid-April 2015. email: trixie {at} trixiepix.com

The fun continues… THANK YOU!!!
xoxo, Trixie