20150404 TrixiepixCardDemoMulti2

one of twelve tea images in our Spring 2015 Kickstarter Greeting Card Project. Photo by Trixie of TRIXIEPIX and The Tea Drinker.
one of twelve flower images in our Spring 2015 Kickstarter Greeting Card Project. Photo by Trixie of TRIXIEPIX and The Tea Drinker.

20150327 BrightRose

20150327 ChocolateRose

20150327 Dahlia

20150327 DramaRose3

20150327 GlowRose

20150327 Ipomea

20150327 JosephsCoat

20150327 PinkRose

20150327 PoppyClose

20150327 Rununculus

20150327 SunflowerBee


2 thoughts on “TRIXIEPIX Greeting Cards: FLOWERS

  1. Greetings from Daly City! This is Ken Malucelli, a very dear friend of Heidi Waterman, with whom I was having dinner this evening at her home (we live less than 10 minutes away from each other). She was showing me your beautiful cards and I came to your Web site to see how to buy some. I don’t see a purchase page on your site.
    By the way, the maternal grandmother of a fine young jazz musician who is an occasional house guest (he stayed here while finishing his senior year at SF State just this past year) also publishes cards featuring florals, etc., and I believe she also sells in Sebastopol, where she, too, resides. Her name is Christine. Perhaps you know her? You might also know young Gabriel’s paternal grandmother, another Sebastopol resident: Ann Pool MacNab, as she is is active in the Arts Council and produces Gilbert & Sullivan sing-alongs. She is co-founfer of The Lamplighters, down here in San Francisco.
    Best regards and Happy, Safe Labor Day Weekend!


    1. Hello Ken! I am so pleased to make your acquaintance — any friend of Heidi’s… :-) I shall send you a direct email message today, with Trixiepix Greeting Card ordering information. BTW the teacup card designs are now available at Lovejoy’s Attic, across from Lovejoy’s Tea Room, at Church and Clipper Streets, SF.

      With thanks and good wishes (please check email),
      Ann “Trixie”


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