About Trixiepix

TRIXIEPIX — Contemplative Images from Western Sonoma County and Beyond

Welcome to the home of TRIXIEPIX on the internet!
We are so pleased you are here.
Please take a stroll — I mean SCROLL — through our image portfolios at the bottom of the home page.

You can reach us by email at
teadrinkertrixie {at} gmail {dot} com
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

xo, Trixie of TRIXIEPIX and The Tea Drinker

september 2016


2 thoughts on “About Trixiepix

  1. Great stuff, Trix !!
    Can I make a mixed order, with some from flowers and some from textures ?
    And can I send you a check rather than the credit card method…. I’m still a bit of a Luddite in certain ways .
    💞✨💞 Leggy


    1. Hello Leggy,
      Thank you for taking a good look at the card images! I am so grateful. At this time, there are 12 TEA images and 12 FLOWER images available — TEXTURES will be printed later in the year — all of the images in the TEA and FLOWER portfolios (here on Trixiepix.com) have been printed, and are available for purchase :-)

      Easiest way to go about it is to send an email message to trixie {at} theteadrinker.com ( <— substituting the regular @ symbol for the {at} in that address), and I can send you PDFs with the available images and prices for singles and multiples, and, if you like, you can choose among them. I hope this makes sense.


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