The images have been chosen! Kickstarter Greeting Card Project rolls on toward successful completion :-)

Our Spring 2015 Kickstarter Greeting Card Project is well underway! The campaign to raise funds for a big print run of our tea and flower greeting cards (with brand-new company logo on the back!) closes in nine days… but we sent all of the image files, plus the card-back logo, to the printer TODAY! Yay! Celebrating progress and collaborative spirit this evening… THANK YOU TO ALL who joined, or will join, our project!! Without you, it wouldn’t be happening. Please view the 12 flower images and the 12 tea images in our portfolios, accessible via the HOME page of this site.

It was a challenge to choose only 12 images in each group — ha ha, everyone should have that as their biggest problem!! — and I am so grateful for the comments, suggestions, sound advice, and connections that you are bringing to this collaborative and enjoyable adventure.

If you are reading this and have a tea-related business or a flower-related business, bookstore, gift shop, garden center, or stationery business and want new and different greeting cards to sell, I would like to hear from you! We have nifty wholesale rates, professional packaging, and cheerful, skillful customer service. Cards will be available mid-April 2015. email: trixie {at}

The fun continues… THANK YOU!!!
xoxo, Trixie


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